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The Ralph Gabriner Studio specializes in photographing jewelry for the custom art jeweler and the studio that manufactures production work. I can also provide you postcards or banners for advetising. Click here for a flyer on my photos services.


Photos - Styles of Juried Images

Jewelry artists have been using my photographs for juried competitions, advertising, and editorial use for over twenty five years, an inexpensive and convenient way to use a single image as photos are provided royalty free.  However, I do ask for photo credit on all publications and printed matter.

The standard viewing for juried slides was often a gradation background that was muted in tone and gave some relief to a presentation that was being seen in a darkened room. With the advent of viewing by computer monitor these standards are changing. In a more competitive market, it may make sense to channel the use of a single image to a specific use. For example, many magazine editors now insist that all images be photographed on a white background.

My feeling is that a piece should be photographed on the background that most suits its character. Ease of viewing is an important consideration, but may not be the only one. If a piece has a predominantly dark patina, does it make sense to photograph it on a dark background? And vice versa, naturally. However, the issue of subtlety and dramatic presentation then becomes an issue to discuss with your photographer - I feel equally comfortable expressing a strong point of view, while listening to your ideas and needs.

These photos show the same piece by Conni Mainne on different backgrounds. See how the look of the piece changes.

Gradation Background
White Background
Radial Light Background
Radial Light
Gradation Angle Background
Gradation Angle
Color Background


  • Basic fee for a single shot - $75.00, including a .tif file and your choice of any other format
  • Additonal file formats - $5.00
  • Burning of CD and contact sheet for all images in one order - $10
  • Additional backgrounds - available upon request
  • Group shot fees - available upon request