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How To Submit Your Work To RGS

Work sumiitted will be returned along with a CD of your image(s) and a contact sheet showing these images. The client pays for return shipping, including insurance, if requested. This will be included on the final invoice.

For your convenience, you may use this form to organize your information.

This may be the most important stage of photography because more confusion and misunderstandings occur at this point than any other.  Therefore:

  1. Be clear.  Send a sketch showing basic information such as: up, down, left, and right
  2. Don’t assume I know anything about your intentions
  3. Inform me of any special concerns you may have, especially if the piece articulates
  4. If you want the piece insured for its return trip, include a note indicating the amount, along with your return address.
  5. Tell me the format(s) you want returned (.tif is already provided). One format of your choice is included with the basic fee.
  6. Include your mother’s maiden name if you think it’s pertinent